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Employment Hero 
(Small – Medium/ Businesses And Companies)

Some of the key areas that can be transformed by automated HR are listed below.
Employment Solution
The Perfect Solution For Small Business

Employment Hero make use of the best employment lawyers, top HR specialists and legendary payroll officers, that are all ready to work together as an extension of your company. With our centralised, cloud-based platforms, we provide all the tools and resources that businesses need to hire superstars and keep them happy.

Get Your New Start Settled In The Role Quicker

New employee onboarding is a time of excitement, but it can also mean a lot of painstaking work.
Automated HR can make the onboarding process easy, by providing the tools to complete the entire employee lifecycle and hiring process. These might include:
Electronically dispatched letters of offer.
• Electronic signatures allowing new staff to sign-up online.
• Automated onboarding checklists for speed and efficiency.
• Induction content that can be sent by email or hosted online.

Keep Documents And Policies Up To Date

Automated HR can save your business valuable time and money by doing away with the need to manually develop HR documents and policies. It can also ensure that all HR documents are compliant with Australian employment law – including legislation changes. Some common features include:
Employment contracts, maintained by employment lawyers to be fully compliant.
• Tracked and centralised rules driven processes, including approvals, reminders and escalations.
• HR policies to ensure legislative compliance, electronically distributed and tracked

Staff Incentives To Increase Retention

Keeping people motivated is vital to any successful business. Automated HR can provide a range of solutions with staff satisfaction in mind:
• Electronic review templates to streamline performance management and reduce administration.
• Rating tools to track how staff are performing and receive regular feedback in real time.
• HR software that lets you build your own performance measurements, based on your business KPIs.

Payroll Processing
Deliver Accurate And On-time Payroll

When it comes to payroll, businesses are expected to enforce best practice processes and deliver accurate and prompt payments without fail. Here are just a few ways that automated HR can help the modern payroll department:
• Full payment calculation across penalty rates, overtime rules and a range of allowances.
• Electronic timesheets that can be completed by employees and send to management for approval.
• Computerised rostering that allows businesses to allocate their workforce based on demand.

Track And Find The Right Candidates

To help you find, track and assess suitable candidates, a good automated HR solution can provide you with a comprehensive applicant tracking functionality. This can include powerful features including integrated job boards for speedy job posting, application tracking, reference checks and interview scheduling. This can make it easier and quicker to target the best candidates for a particular role that needs to be filled.

Expert 360 (Contingent Workers And Consultants)

Expert360 allows businesses to engage and manage top talent for short-mid term project-work. We bring businesses what they really want – the ability to manage existing high quality talent through our platform or engage flexibly with our vetted pool of 19,000+ freelancers and firms at a price that delivers great value.

Through the Expert360 platform,
businesses are able to:
  • Manage – their existing contingent and consulting workforce through our platform
  • Access – over 19,000 vetted independent consultants, freelancers and firms with experience working exclusively in top global businesses.
  • Augment – staff, build consultant teams, hire top individual talent and engage with subject matter experts and boutique firms at the click of a button
  • Track – contingent cost and activity with access to our custom reports and dashboards to help you oversee costs and consultant, freelancer and/or firm usage.
Through the Expert360 platform,
consultants, freelancers and firms are able to:
  • Do what they love everyday by selecting projects that leverage their skills and interest them the most.
  • Effortlessly manage their own workflow without having to worry about contracts and invoices. Everything is
  • Grow their professional network by connecting with like minded consultants and businesses seeking individuals with their unique background and experience.

Ramco (Large Organisations/ Businesses)

The Ramco HCM is a global talent management solution, catering for the full employment life cycle, from hire to retire for Large Companies. Ramco HCM understands the need to cater for a global workforce, driven by social interaction while still ensuring legislative compliance and a diversity of HR Policy. As part of Ramco HCM the solution covers 35 countries (including Payroll) with an expanding roadmap.  This fully Cloud based solution is highly configurable and intelligent with the ability to enable complex industrial interpretation and flexible workflow authorisations.

HR Systems
What We Have Used And What We Can Implement

SAP Success Factors, Oracle, Cornerstone, Workday, Kronos, Cognos BI, RosterOn, Micropay, PayGlobal, Peoplesoft, Chris21, Aurion, Ramco, Employment Hero, Microster, Sonru, Virtual reality development, Bot design and holographic design.

Our business was really struggling with payroll management, we we had a payroll officer but increasingly we needed her to do more and more tasks – needless to say the staff where compromised because of our lack of resources. Bec came in and offered solutions that would complete see our payroll managed offsite so we agreed to try it and never looked back.

Lucia Rongan