Frequently Asked

As your partner, P&T Solutions is happy to answer any questions you may have about your business, payroll, business solutions and more. Some of the more commonly asked ones are below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the answers to the our most frequently asked questions of clients. If There is something that is not answered here please feel free to send us a message on our contact form.
We are only too pleased to be of assistance to you.

Is cloud-based HR only for large businesses?

No, cloud based HR systems can be used by a business of any size. Cloud based HR systems allow anyone within your business to perform work tasks from anywhere in the world in a safe and secure environment.

Do you cater for international companies?

Yes, we cater for international companies as our systems are multi-lingual and can align with the laws and statutory obligations of other countries.

What if I have highly transient employees?

Working in cloud-based systems makes life so much easier for employees who are highly transient as they can access the platform (system) from anywhere in the world. This means that any work-related information that is required is able to be entered in real time and is readily available in the system straight away.

How long does it take to set up?

Depending on the size of the company and the complexities of their HRIS requirements, set up times are different for each.
For example:

  • Small businesses (0-500 employees) with minimal complexities in employment conditions may only take 1-5 days
  • Large businesses (1000+ employees) with a high number of complexities regarding employment conditions and multiple entities may take 1 – 16 weeks

Do you provide training for all staff

Yes, as part of implementing a new system all relevant staff will be trained and provided with ongoing support

What assistance can we expect if there are any issues after coming on board?

If your company experiences any issues coming on board there will be support staff in place to help resolve the issues in a timely and professional manner. We also have a dedicated Engagement Manager for each company that can handle any issues raised.

What services do you provide?

Our services include:

Human Resources and Payroll Systems

  • Provision of a fully managed service
  • Current System Audits
  • System Implementations
  • Creation of interfaces to other business systems
  • System upgrade management
  • Analytics Design
  • Solution Design
Process Automation and Engineering
  • Lean Methods
  • Process Streamline
  • Compliance review
  • Process Controls
  • Workflow management
  • Process automation
Provision of Project Teams
  • Program Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Payroll Gurus
  • Test Lead
  • Technical Leads
  • Migration Specialists
  • Change Analysts
HR & Payroll Consulting
  • HR & Payroll Audits
  • Provision of fully manage HR Service
  • Manage Recruitment & Selection
  • Manage Employee On Boarding
  • Policies, Procedures & Templates
  • Leadership Development & Coaching
  • Organisational Design and Re-Engineering
  • Employee Relations Advice
  • HR & Payroll Audits
  • Performance Management Solutions
  • Provision of HR Generalist Advice
  • Leader Dashboards and HR Analytics
  • Provision of Payroll Advice
  • Provision of a fully managed Payroll Processing Service
  • ATO lodgment (including single touch payroll)
  • Superannuation Management
  • Separation Management
  • General Payroll Management

Do you have AI & VR solutions?

Yes, our solutions have AI embedded into them and are designed to assist your business as it learns. We offer eLearning courses and coaching sessions that will assist you and your managers to provide the best learning avenues for your employees.

What can I expect from a business coaching session?

Our business coaches can assist you and your managers by ensuring that you have the best practices in place for your business. We offer:

  • Lean Method Coaching
  • Process and System Audits
  • Industrial Reviews
  • Information/ Enterprise Architectural Reviews

Is cloud-based HR secure?

Yes, cloud-based HR systems are very secure. Our systems are certified by major industry standards and compliance with all data that is transmitted over the internet being protected through encryption via Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Encryption masks your data and hence makes it unreadable in the case of interception.

What if my business expands?

Our systems make it easy if your business to expand, as they are on the cloud the sky is the limit!

What sort of reporting capabilities does your software have?

Depending on which system you use will affect the reporting capabilities. Our systems have full Business Intelligence and HR Analysis reporting

How will day to day HR operations be simplified?

The day to day operations are simplified by:

  • All your HR & Payroll information being on one platform (i.e. you can access all reporting and information in one place)
  • Systems are fully configurable and are built to your requirements
  • Systems are fully automated
  • All data can be exported by the business
  • Data is always in real time (i.e. no delays or waiting for batch processes to get data – what is in your system is always up to date)

What sort of processes can be automated?

There are many business processes that can be automated, and with our systems, most functions are automated from hire to retire (E.g. Onboarding, recruitment, payroll, leave, performance management, etc)

What about when this technology becomes obsolete/outdated?

The systems and technology we supply are always kept up to date and will not become obsolete. With these systems being on the cloud, updates and upgrades are performed seamlessly in the background and do not interfere with day to day business

Do I still need to keep paper HR records?

Our systems store all your HR records for you so you do not need to keep paper HR records unless legislation requires you to do so.

How do your systems stay up to date with worldwide employer regulations?

Our global systems have legislative experts in place that are constantly ensuring that our systems have the most up to date information and requirements configured within them.

How hard/time consuming is it to transfer to one of your systems from our current processes?

Depending on the size of your company and the complexities of your existing system, it will vary on how long it takes to migrate to one of our systems. In saying this our systems are very easy to configure and are significantly more time efficient to set up.

We have a very complicated 24/7 roster system. Can your software cope with that?

Yes, our software/ systems have the latest and best practice methods for rostering in place and negate the use of spreadsheets or paper trails.

How can a software package choose good employees?

Our solutions can identify your high talent employees by evaluating their performance, their competence, their skills, knowledge and even hobbies and align them to other positions or opportunities within your organisation.

How does it work?

Our implementation process is aligned with the project methodology such as PMBOK, Price 2 and Agile.
At a high level we:

  1. PLAN – We plan and understand your business requirements
  2. EXECUTE – Partnering with you – we configure and test the system
  3. DEPLOY – We deploy our system into your business and assist in transitioning your employees over to your new HR solution

Is it possible that all the information could just be lost if something goes wrong with the cloud?

All data stored in the cloud is encrypted and backed up in Primary Cloud and Disaster Recovery Cloud Data Centres. In the event that Primary Cloud Data Centres fail the application is automatically switched over to the Disaster Recovery Cloud Data Centres.

Can the data be hacked?

Cloud-based HR systems are very secure. Our systems are certified by major industry standards and compliance with all data that is transmitted over the internet being protected through encryption via Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Encryption masks your data and hence makes it unreadable in the case of interception. There are also periodic vulnerability assessments and penetration testing to ensure that any vulnerabilities are removed and your data remains safe.

How can we know if employees are entering false information?

All information entered is tracked and monitored through a series of audit mechanisms within our systems. These include:

  • Automated workflows and approvals
  • Security Management
  • Timestamping
  • GPS tracking
  • Bio metric scanning
  • Audit reporting
  • Audit variance tracking